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HoneyPot Server, Heney-Pot IDS (Intrusion Detection System) software

PatriotBox (Honey-Pot Server for Windows)

HoneyPot Server  is the world's most affordable and easy to use HoneyPot Server System on the market today!

Bait hackers away from your corporate network with PatriotBox! NOW ONLY $39.99.

Version 2 is now available for download with features that include MySQL and MSSQL logging support, improved HTTP and Socks Proxy and honeyd script support.

This is a free Upgrade to existing users of Patriotbox.

Give Patriotbox a try for 15 days with all features enabled. Download your copy of HoneyPot IDS (Intrusion Detection System) software now.

Also take a look at our Patriotbox Activity Map, a live data pull from our Patriotbox farm of servers from around the world.


PatriotBox Activity Map

Click on the Map below to display the Alkasis Patriotbox Activity for the last 30 days (please be patient while the map loads)


Alkasis Technical Support

To access Alkasis Technical Support or our extensive knowledgebase, click this link Here 

or you can email us at

Top News Additional Info: SAFE (Snort Analysis Front End)
  • 05/05/2006. Patriotbox: Patriotbox version 2 is now available. New features include MySQL and MSSQL database logging support, improved HTTP Proxy service, improved SOCKS Proxy service, honeyd script support.

Having trouble keeping up with your Snort events?

It's time to install SAFE. Alkasis presents SAFE, a web based snort front end to not only display your security events from Snort, but to manage them as well. SAFE also has extensive searching capabilities as well as text and graphical based reports.

SAFE requires Windows 2000/2003 or Unix platform running apache or IIS with PHP 4.x and MySQL. Priced at $19.95 per server.